Gag - Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

25 Min Film Project - Writer & Director

I was commissioned to write and direct the 3rd year students final film & tv project; Gag.
The year before, I was asked to step in to cover the film and tv showcase scenes for final year students. I was invited back to develop those scenes into a screen-play and direct. I wrote the short screen-play Gag.

The main objective in writing the script was to give each of the final year students a fair amount of screen-time and a decent story progression to fairly demonstrate their skills to prospective agents. One of my ‘Acting To Camera’ students and one of the lead actors in the film; Josh O Connor, went on to win a Bafta in 2018 for ‘Gods Own Country.’

Client: Bristol Old Vic Theatre School
Director: Vince John
Production: Bristol Old Vic

My Role

  • Writer & Director



25min Short Film

Featured: Still from the film

Please email for the password to view the film on vimeo

Production: Bristol Old Vic Film & TV Dept
Director: Vince John